RanPro Airlok Ultra Boots

Warm, tough, light, waterproof and extremely comfortable polyurethane boots.

  • CSA/ASTM Approved
  • Rated for -50 C
  • Composite toe and non-metallic midsole provides full safety protection
  • Omega/EH rated
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Winter tire tread inspired tread pattern features wider and deeper dispersion lines designed to pull water up and away from the contact point in the sole and ground for greater slip resistance.
  • Reinforced ankle protection and extra ankle room to prevent rubbing
  • Upper grip on boot allows you to easily put on boots even when wet or muddy
  • Ergonomically designed upper boot to allow for a better range of movement at the calf
  • Mineral, Organic and Chemical Resistant
  • Innovative heel-tab for easy removal
  • Size 4 through 15 available


Warm, tough, light, waterproof and extremely comfortable, the RanPro Airlok Ultra Boots are perfect for the harsh conditions in Canada’s drilling industry.